Brigitte is a great-grandmother

Brigitte’s granddaughter, Anna Charrier Bjerkan, gave birth to a daughter in February. Brigitte was notified of the child’s birth through her son, Nicolas. She has only seen the child through photographs sent to her by Nicolas, and describes the baby as “very cute, very pretty.”

My source of this news is an article from the French news site, TF1. The article does not say what the child’s name is. Since Brigitte’s son and grand-daughters are not public figures, one can assume this is for privacy reasons.

Brigitte’s relationship with her son has been on-and-off throughout the decades. Citing a lack of maternal instinct, Brigitte allowed Nicolas’ father to have full custody of him after they divorced in 1960. Nicolas married a Norwegian model in 1984, and they settled in her native country.

Sadly, Brigitte is not close to her son’s family. The only time she ever met her granddaughters was in 1992 during a family get-together arranged by her husband, Bernard d’Ormale. She welcomes the opportunity to get to know her granddaughters, but admitted that she hasn’t been a good grandmother. “I did not hold them in my arms, I did not see them grow up,” she is quoted as saying on the TF1 website.

Although sources say that her granddaughters do not speak French, Anna has the language listed on her professional profile.


TF1 article–Brigitte Bardot Becomes Great-Grandmother

One thought on “Brigitte is a great-grandmother

  1. Brigitte is still a pretty lady at 80 years of age. It’s nice to see someone age naturally for a change, without any plastic surgeries.

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